Nathan Lee(이정우)

Event director, Founder

Nathan is the event director and founder of Circle Connection. He has over 10 years experience in the event industry and a great network in Startup/Blockchain industry in Korea

Rosa Choi(최혜승)

Assistant manager

Sori Choi(최소리)


Lucy Lee(이지선)

Junior manager

She has 4 years experience in event operation & planning and did various Branding BTL events.

Will be updated

Lucy had various experiences in festival, culture & startup events. She is a festival lover.  


Chad Park(박창현)



Sound Engineer / Production Director

DJ. Shin(신동재)

Sound Engineer

Chad Park is a professional photographer in Korea. He was the official photographer in World DJ festival, UMF Korea, PyeongChang Olympic Winter Game. He is also a Burner from Burningman

Hyung Lee a.k.a Shogi is an essential person in Korean festival industry. SSPL is the audio based production company

Shin is the founder of MobileDJ. He is one of the few people who can do both sound and lighting engineering perfectly.

TS Choi(최태성)

Videographer, Producer

Lewis Kim(김성호)


Jay Lee(이종우)

Graphic Designer

Choi is a videographer and producer(9 years experiences)

Kim is a videographer. He is specialized in emotional videography and editing. He is the DIA TV studio manager and made several on-line commercial videos

Jay is a freelance designer and in charge of 2D graphics

Minjun Kim(김민준)

Stage director

Kwangsoo Lim(임광수)

Event goods/Item maker

Soohoon Kim(김수훈)

Videographer, editor

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Lim is

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